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Ursula M. Findlen, Ph.D.


Dear Audiology Colleague:

The Ohio Academy of Audiology wants you! The OAA membership year begins on July 1.  If you are currently a member, thank you for your dedication to the future of our practice and we look forward to another year with you! For those who are not yet members, now is the time to join an organization which works to provide you with the resources you need to succeed in your career!

Renew your membership now or join OAA at https://ohioacademyofaudiology.com/join.php.

Your membership enabled us to accomplish so much this past year, including:

  • The Ohio Audiology Conference (OAC) in October 2018, where audiologists learned from nationally acclaimed speakers and earned up to 20 continuing education units (CEU), including 11 Tier 1 hours, without leaving Ohio. Members of OAA enjoyed reduced registration fees for this great event.
  • The Governmental Affairs Coalition continues to be the leading voice for audiology in Ohio. Our lobbyist and GAC affect change at the state level all the time. Recently, OAA’s representatives provided critical input into the development of recently introduced HB 243, requiring insurance coverage for children’s hearing aids, without which audiologists may not have been included as providers! This bill has bipartisan support and OAA and parents support the passage.  Our voice is important because if we don’t speak up, someone else will, and we need to speak into the microphone.  Almost 50% of your dues go directly to the critical effort of funding our voice at the legislative level.
  • Our social media and internet presence provides members with accurate, up to date information in a secure and easy to navigate system. Information on our website (ohioacademyofaudiology.com) includes legislative updates, ‘Find an Audiologist’ feature and news. OAA also has a strong social media presence to share awareness of Audiology and current issues. Check out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
  • Outreach PowerPoint templates available to support your community education endeavors in your area.


For 2019-2020 we are excited to introduce:

  • “Mug Club” social events to meet fellow audiologists in your area and to discuss current hot topics. At least one board member from OAA will be at each event.
  • Journal Clubs, offering CEU and networking opportunities around the state.


We are stronger with you!  We have fun, make positive impacts and you are wanted!  We can only continue this work if Ohio audiologists support it. A one year membership is only $80 and a two year membership is only $130. That’s only $5.42 per month to make sure your voice as an Ohio audiologist is heard. You can’t afford not to be a member! Join today at https://ohioacademyofaudiology.com/join.php to gain access to the Member’s Only section of the website and to support Ohio audiology. Questions? Please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for your continued support of audiology in Ohio,

Ursula M. Findlen, Ph.D.

President, Ohio Academy of Audiology


Michelle Shannon, AuD

Membership Chair, Ohio Academy of Audiology

From OAA President