The Ohio Council of Audiology, established in 1975, has the distinction of being the first state “audiology only” professional organization in the country! The Council had a very successful history of serving as the professional voice of audiology in Ohio. In 1995, the name was changed to the Ohio Academy of Audiology (OAA), to align the state association with the American Academy of Audiology, becoming the Academy’s first chartered affiliate. OAA continues to be the only organization in the State of Ohio that singularly represents audiologists!

Our Mission

The Ohio Academy of Audiology, as the leading authority, supports audiologists in their mission to provide expert hearing and balance care in Ohio.

Our Vision

The Ohio Academy of Audiology is dedicated to advancing the profession of audiology.

OAA Milestones

  • Cooperative efforts led by OAA which eliminated the requirement for audiologists to have a separate hearing aid dispensing license. This legislative battle went on for approximately six years!

  • Collaborative work with the Ohio Board of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology to regulate and advance professional practice. OAA steered the creation of a legislative amendment to advance the Doctor of Audiology degree as the educational licensure requirement in January 2006! Ohio was the first state to implement this change.

  • Spearheaded legislation to require universal newborn infant hearing screenings and follow-up assessments.

  • Assisted with designing and implementing regional early intervention and educational programs for those affected by hearing loss.

  • OAA’s leadership directed efforts with the Medicaid department which resulted in authorization of digital amplification for pediatric beneficiaries with hearing loss.

  • Established the biennial Ohio Audiology Conference in 2003.

The Ohio Academy of Audiology recognizes the past Presidents of the association:

  • 2018   Gina Stillitano 
  • 2017   Sarah Sydlowski
  • 2016   Melissa Kappes
  • 2015   Audra Woods

  • 2014   Stacy Weisend

  • 2013   Christina Roup

  • 2012   Brittney Sprouse

  • 2011   Ann Wheat

  • 2010   Larry Giovianazzo

  • 2009   Shayna Tokar

  • 2008   Ann Schuh

  • 2007   Karen Mitchell

  • 2006   Jane Kukula

  • 2005   Helene Levenfus

  • 2004   Erin L. Miller

  • 2003   Pam Minard

  • 2002   Anne Tortorello

  • 2001   Dawn Gleason

  • 2000   Rick Hetsko

  • 1999   Deb Abel

  • 1998   Gail Whitelaw

  • 1997   Sharon Lesner

  • 1996   Pan Mangino

  • 1995   Robert Glaser

Ohio Council of Audiology (formed 1975):

  • 1992   Sharon Hepfner

  • 1990   Pam Mishler

  • 1986   Ken Donnelly

  • 1982   Bill Melnick

  • 1981   Carol Kamara

  • 1978   Sally Plummer

  • 1975   Ray Lezak

History of Audiology in Ohio