Thank you to all who came out to the

Ohio academy of audiology happy hour!

Heather Vaught, board member and OAA Happy Hour Planner

Reena Kothari (OAA member) and her father, Wendy Steuerwald (Former OAA member), and Holle Aungst (Current OAA President)

Reena Kothari (OAA member), Wendy Steuerwald (Former OAA member), and Holle Aungst (Current OAA President)

A big thank you to all members of the OAA Happy Hour Planning Committee!


Fall face to face for 2018




OAA State Fair

Members of the OAA representing our state at the AAA state fair event!



 Thank you to all who came out to see us at AAA! Please be sure to join us for another happy hour on Friday 10/26/18 at the 2018 OAC! 


October 10, 2017

The 2017 Legislative Reception was a big hit! Congratulations to Senator Bill Beagle for being awarded the OSHGAC Legislator of the Year Award.

Senator Bill Beagle with OSHGAC member Davida Parsons

Senator Beagle with OSHGAC members Stacy Weisend and Christina Roup

Senator Beagle with Stacy Weisend

2017 Fall Face to Face board meeting/Strategic Planning Meeting

On Friday 9/29 and Saturday 9/30, The Ohio Academy of Audiology held the annual face to face business board meeting and also held a strategic planning meeting. The last strategic planning meeting was held in 2012. It was a jam packed two days and we accomplished a lot. One of the topics we discussed was being more transparent about the direction of the academy. In the coming weeks and months you will see more frequent e-mail correspondence from the Ohio Academy of Audiology keeping you up to date with what is happening. Please feel free to use the contact us link if you have any questions/concerns! 


The Ohio Academy of Audiology hosted a happy hour at AudiologyNOW!. The event was well attended by audiologists from the buckeye state!

2016 Spring CE Event

An Overview Guide to a Successful Practice: What Every Audiologist Should Know!

On Friday May 6, 2016, John Greer Clark, Ph.D., faculty member from the University of Cincinnati spoke on management of an audiology private practice. Dr. Clark’s presentation covered topics supportive of the success of any audiology employment setting.

2016 Legislative Reception

On April 5, 2016, The Ohio Speech and Hearing Governmental Affairs Coalition (OSH GAC) celebrated their 28th anniversary of hosting a legislative event at the Ohio State House Atrium in Columbus, Ohio.

OSH GAC, founded in 1982, is a coalition of Ohio speech and hearing professional organizations including the Ohio Academy of Audiology, the Ohio Council of Speech and Hearing Administrators, the Ohio Speech Language Hearing Association and the Ohio School Speech Pathology Educational Audiology Coalition.

For 22 years, OSH GAC hosted an annual Legislative Breakfast; however, for the past five years the event was moved to an evening reception to foster increased attendance by speech-language pathology and audiology professionals from across the state.

Colleagues who attended this year’s event were very engaged and our legislators had opportunities to hear about a number of issues affecting the professions including sales of internet hearing aids, need for funding for families with children with hearing loss, school staffing issues and Medicaid Reimbursement.

The legislative reception also provides an opportunity for OSH GAC to recognize a legislator who supports issues that directly affect the professions of audiology and speech language pathology and consumers with hearing loss and communicative disorders. We were pleased to honor Representative Tim Brown as the 2016 OSH GAC Legislator of the Year.

Representative Brown supported HB 98, which names May 14th as Childhood Apraxia of Speech Awareness Day in Ohio.

We applaud Representative Brown in recognition of this important piece of legislation which will bring awareness of this disorder to the people of Ohio.

Your participation is necessary in order to affect policy changes in the state of Ohio.
OSH GAC extends our thanks to Oticon, Inc. for their continued sponsorship of this event and our colleagues who attended the reception and helped make this a successful event.

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